As a club we hold our own internal galas and we also enter the Local Association Leagues and the National Swimming League. 

Swimming Galas

We encourage all our swimmers to enter our own club galas, which are held twice a year in June and November. As well as giving the opportunity to see how swimmers are progressing compared to other swimmers of the same age, it also helps the coaches and team managers choose the right teams for galas where we compete with other clubs.

We hope that members will make every effort, if selected, to represent the club in the many invitation and league galas we compete in. Under ASA (Amateur swimming Association) rules the minimum age for these galas is 9 years old but above this there are galas for all age groups and abilities. If for any reason you cannot take part please let the club know as soon as possible as a replacement will have to be found in the correct age group.

As your swimming skills develop, you will also have the opportunity to enter 'open or licenced' galas, such as the Greater Manchester Age Group Championships, as an individual (although you will still be part of the Horwich team as well!). There is usually an entry fee for each event and you will need to complete an entry form showing the events you want to swim in and the 'personal best' (PB) time you have previously achieved. This allows the gala organisers to make sure that swimmers who have similar times will be in the same race. Slower swimmers will be in the early heats and faster swimmers in the later ones. If you are unsure whether to enter these types of galas or not please speak to any of the coaches or committee members and they will be able advise you which events to enter.

When you get to the level where you are regularly entering galas, it is important that you, or your parents,  keep an up to date record of the times you have achieved for the various strokes and distances. There are a number of free Apps that can help with this.

ASA Category 1 or 2 - which one??

As a club swimmer you need to be a member of a club and also a member of the ASA. Each individual club will arrange their own internal membership categories.

The ASA categories are set as follows: 

Category 1 (Cat 1) -  This is for swimmers who  swim at club and compete in local Association galas. When you start at a club this is the category you would be.

Category 2 (Cat 2) - This is for swimmers who want to compete in open or licenced galas.

There is also a third category for club volunteers ASA Cat 3. This does not cover you to swim.