Due to the popularity of the club it has been necessary to impose a minimum criteria for new joiners.

Assessments will be held throughout the year. The registration links will be shown on the Homepage with the date of the assessment.


The following is the minimum standard required for assessment and membership of HLCASC. Swimmers must be able to complete all sections marked* and at least 2 other skills.

1. Swim 25 metres backstroke*
2. Swim 25 metres frontcrawl*
3. Swim 25 metres breastroke*
4. Swim 25 metres butterfly - but have an attempt at the stroke
5. Perform a sitting dive and attempt a standing dive
6. Scull head first. feet first
7. Rotation - perform a forward/back somersault
8. Treadwater for a min 30 secs*
9. Swim continously using 1 stroke for 100 metres*
10. Swim continuously using multiple strokes 100 metres*

All the assessments will take place on Saturdays at 8am. 

The assessment is used to assess the swimmers overall ability not the speed of the swimmer.

It will last approx 1 hour.

We don't advise a big breakfast beforehand, just a small piece of toast and jam and a small glass of juice.

After the assessment I will talk to each swimmer individually to advise on the next step.

Swimmers who turn up without registering will not be assessed.